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Dehiwala Postal Code Colombo, Sri Lanka

Postal Code : 10350
City/Village Name : Dehiwala
Post Office Name : Dehiwala Post Office
District : Colombo
Province : Western Province
Country Name : Sri Lanka
ISO-3166 alpha2 Code : LK
ISO-3166 alpha3 Code : LKA

What is Dehiwala Postal Code ?

Dehiwala Postal Code is 10350 and it located in Colombo district, Western Province. Furthermore, Colombo is a district in the Western Province, comprising of 3 districts. It is constitutionally divided into 59 postal divisions of by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Further, Main or Sub Post Offices have been set up in each town or village in the Colombo District, taking into account the population density. For example, the main post office of this district is located in Colombo. All Mail Distribution and Letter Receipts in this Colombo District are handled by those Main or Sub Post Offices.

What is the meaning of a Dehiwala postal code?

Postcodes are used all around the world to assign postal zones to countries. Postal zoning, like Districts and Provinces, has its own features. It instructs us on where to send your mail.

What is the purpose of a Postalcode?

The need for postal zoning arose from two factors: first, the vast amount of mail we manage on a daily basis. The amount of mail handled by Sri Lanka Post continues to rise per year, owing to increased commercial operation.

The second thing is, if you write an address in a language that the person sorting your mail does not understand, or if your signature is illegible, he may need to get help. For example, there is a place called Kottawa in the Colombo District and another named Kottawa in the Galle District.

Though the two names are spelt differently in the vernacular language, they can be confused when written in English.Previously, the province was enclosed in a pair of brackets after the location, such as Kottawa (SP) or Kottawa via Galle. However, most people overlook this, resulting in distribution delays or misdirection.

In 1997, we adopted postal zoning numbers, also known as Postcodes, to replace time-consuming manual mail sorting. To improve the quality of mail processing, we will mechanize the process at some stage in the future. All mail is placed on a conveyor belt that moves quickly.

The mail is then passed through an electronic eye, also known as an optical reader, which reads the address on the piece of mail and directs it to the appropriate tappal package, after which it is sent to the destination delivery post office. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the scientific term for the method of interpreting an address using an optical reader.

The machine's electronics will search for a five-digit number, which is the Postcode included with your address, which will route the mail to the correct location. We've included a short description of the Postcode and its use.

Sri Lanka Post zone coded the country in 1997 for the purposes of postal sorting and distribution. Though not specifically applied in the past, it is now being mandatory to have the postcode on any piece of mail you send. Failure to do so will trigger distribution delays or even misdirection, resulting in financial loss.

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